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The following is a list of independent training companies who use the Lifespring Training Methodology. Over the course of roughly 25 years, Lifespring devoted itself to researching, developing, and designing the world's most effective personal transformational programs.

Please note the following:

1. This is not a comprehensive list. There are many more centers using Lifespring methodologies. At this point we do not have all their names. We will continue to update this list as our research allows.

2. Some of the companies on this list use Lifespring curriculum as an exact replica. Others have modified the core training simulations and concepts somewhat.

3. Companies with the * mark near their name have established a formal relationship with John Hanley, Sr. by purchasing an official license.

4. John Hanley, Ph.D., cannot personally vouch for the management of each center. They are all independently operated companies with no ongoing formal ties with Mr. Hanley.

5. We are not providing contact information on these centers. Should you choose to pursue the matter, we are confident you will find them all on the web.


Asia Works - Asia *
Momentum Redesign and Transformational Services  Inc. - Puerto Rico *
Millennium3 Education - Texas *
Mastery in Transformation - California *
I-Leap - Hong Kong *
Insight Seminars - United States
Psi Seminars - United States
Association For Christian Character Development - United States, Europe

Klemmer & Associates - United States
Summit Education - Florida
TMC Productions - Florida
LifeWorks Jacksonville - Florida

Acción Efectiva - Florida
New Era - California
Resource Realizations Inc. - California
World Works - California

Maximum Results Trainings - California

Spectrum Life Design Education - California

Fuente de Lideres - California

Arquitectura del ser - California

Ascend Spiritual Flight Academy - Maryland
Personal Dynamics - New York
Momentum Education - New York
Impacto Vital - Puerto Rico
Choice Center - Nevada
Legacy Center - North Carolina
Kairos Foundation - Tennessee
Impact Trainings - Utah
The Great Life Foundation - Utah
Resource Realizations - Utah
Premier Education - Utah
Pathways Educational Corporation - Texas
Wings Seminars - Oregon
Radical Honesty - Virginia

Ingenieria deo lo Imposible - Argentina

Mex Works - Mexico
Vida Vital- Mexico
Transformacion Vital - Mexico

Transformate Zamora Michoacan - Mexico

Contexto - Mexico

Utopia - Mexico

Ingenerios de lo Imposible - Mexico

Transformacion Integral - Mexico

Transformacion Humana - Mexico

Transformacion Queretaro - Mexico

Lead Mex - Mexico

Coaching Transformacion Chalco - Mexico

Yaakun Centro de Transformacion - Mexico

Ser Transformacion - Mexico

El Centro Generaciones - Mexico

Mundo Evolucion Los Cabos - Mexico

Conciencia del Exito - Mexico

CoCrear Mexico - Mexico

Life Coaching Corporation - Mexico

Life Center - Mexico

I-Shift - Mexico
Next Step Asia - China
Legacy Training - China

The Rice - Hong Kong

In Vision - China

Benchmark - China

Vive Liderazgo - Dominican Republic
Lifespring International - Colombia

Accion Efectiva - Colombia

Celider - Colombia

Training 4 Colombia - Colombia

Ingenieria de lo Imposible - Colombia

Cumbres - Colombia
Arquitectura Del Exito - Spain

Discovery Seminars and Coaching
Lifespring - Russia
Leader Klass - Russia
CSA Coaching - Holland

The Avalon Group - Holland

Vive Italia - Italy